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Not everything that burns is bad or a clone of cdrecord


> Why use a clone if you may use the original? 

cdrskin is not a clone of anything.

> Nobody so far reported a problem with the original cdrecord 

If it is about DVD then cdrecord is not
state of the art since at least five years.

If it is about Linux then cdrecord has a
big social problem: Its author is disliked so
much that the distros rather include a
hardly maintained clone for CD purposes
and point everybody to growisofs for other

If it was not for the chronical trouble about
Linux and CD burning then i would not have
started my own burn endeavor.
When i finally managed to teach libburn
how to do CD TAO, i felt sportily challenged
to perform on my DVD writer what dvd+rw-tools
can do.

Since about a year i try to compete with 
growisofs in its overall use case: to grow
ISO filesystems.
Clear advantages have been achieved on my
side meanwhile - as long as growisofs has to
rely on mkisofs as formatter.
But sporty as i am, i offer Andy's users all
of xorriso's formatter capabilities in a
pseudo-mkisofs wrap.
So he can outperform me e.g. by applying
xorriso image manipulations to BD-R.

Andy, i hope you join me with the 32 sector
offset for the first session on overwriteables.
I am currently working on a mount helper which
will allow to easily access older sessions on
those media resp. in random-access files.
It will also be useful with multi-session media
because Linux mount performs option session= only
on CD but not on DVD. FreeBSD mount seems to have
no session option at all. But both can address

Have a nice day :)


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