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Re: Not everything that burns is bad or a clone of cdrecord


> I encourage you to have a look at the current
> features of mkisofs and _try_ them out.

As developer of scdbackup i will hardly find them
on Linux user's systems. genisoimage under the
name "mkisofs" is the reality.

As developer of xorriso i am going for my own
new features mainly.

> As people from the related mailing lists know, I am listening to all
> bug reports and feature requests and usually fix bugs

cdrtools is fully maintained, indeed.

> Do you like to prove yourself as a person who
> has social problems?


And i purposefully did not state that any _person_
had social problems.

It is about the social problems of your software.
cdrtools outperforms cdrkit, no doubt. If not for
features, then for being fully maintained.

But why isn't it in the distros ?
Because of its history of flamewars and angry forks.
People are fed up with fighting. For whatever reason.
cdrkit is so wonderfully peaceful and immobile.

> I know that real people act different from trolls in the net.

Yep. Punching noses in real world
would really hurt.

> Your software is Linux specific and
> software that is developed on Linux is usually hard to port to other
> platforms.

Not mine. I know what's portable and what not.

You cannot do all tasks of burning in a portable
way. At some points you have to branch into several
system adapters.
The trick is to have the system dependencies compact
and well documented.

> If you are interested in your users
> why is there no interest
> at your side to make your software portable?

I do have this interest.
What i don't have is other operating systems
and the skills to maintain the code for their
transport level adapters.

So give me a skilled system person from any
operating system and we should get xorriso running
in a few days.
But this all makes no sense without interested users
on those operating systems who keep up a certain
level of usage and regression testing.

Have a nice day :)


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