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Re: More Dual-Layer burning oddities

CJ Kucera <pez@apocalyptech.com> wrote:

> Hello list - back in January I wrote in about some issues I was having
> with dual-layer DVD burning, which ended up being solved by a firmware
> update on my burner.  [1]
> Just recently, I started having issues again, where the burning process
> (both with growisofs and cdrecord) would *seem* to burn fine, but
> there'd be an error during the layer flip which caused the disc to be
> unreadable at that point (ie: halfway through the disc).
> After a whole lot of investigation and coasters, I found out that I
> could make use of cdrecord's 'layerbreak' driveropt to result in a disc
> that was actually readable.  I've got two questions about this:
> 1) The cdrecord manpage mentions that using 'layerbreak' will cause the
> drive to burn using the 'layer jump' method, as opposed to 'sequential
> recording.'  Is there a way to tell growisofs to do the same thing?  I'd
> rather use growisofs, simply because it avoids the need to create a .iso
> first, though of course if that's impossible then I'll just use
> cdrecord.

Are you talking about DVD+ or DVD-?

It seems that you confused the cdrecord man page:

-	Layer jump is not available for DVD+

-	Layer jump is not yet implemented for DVD- as the drive I owned
	did not like it when I tried to implement it.

> 2) I originally tried using 'layerbreak' without specifying the actual
> break point, which just resulted in the message "cdrecord: Bad layer
> break value ''" - I had to manually supply the break point, at which
> time it burnt properly.  The manpage only mentions DVD-R/DL in the
> section that deals with 'layerbreak' without a specified breakpoint.
> Does that mean that DVD+R/DL just doesn't support having the breakpoint
> automatically detected?

Please explain your problem!

Cdrecord does the right thing with DVD+R without the need for a manual
layer break. A manual layer break is only needed for DVD-Video.

Layer jump recording is only available for DVD- and may only work if in
multi-border mode. I currently do not see the need for it.


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