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Re: changing book-type on dvd burn?

Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net> wrote:

> > I like the firmware better, but it depends on your method of 
> > *creating* the ISO images. non-bootable images are a more common 
> > problem than book type.
> any suggestions on how to make sure I'm creating a bootable image - the 
> providers claim they are (I've now downloaded three different ISO images 
> that purport to be bootable - a SUSE LiveDCD, an xploraknoppix LiveDVD, 
> and a Solaris LiveDVD)

First try to write a (checked) bootable CD image to a DVD.

If this succeeds, then either the other images are defective or
the boot prom has problems with booting from higher block addresses
and the image was created with the wrong options.


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