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Writing Dual Layer DVD-RW using Linux

I use a 10GB HP Colorado tape drive to backup my personal Linux PC
every week/month.  I backup to the tape using GNU tar in compress mode,
thereby allowing me to back up to approximately 20GB of files.

However, it is not in a good state at the moment.  So I am considering
using DVD instead.

The closest alternative to the 10GB tape is the 8.5GB DVD-RW DL (i.e.
dual layer).  The capacity should be good enough for my needs.

I can't write to a file on hard disk and afterwards burn the DVD as I
do not have enough disk space.  So, I am thinking of using the kernel's
packet writing abilities to do my backups.

What I envisage happening is something like the following.

Firstly, I need to set up the packet writing:

$ mkdir /dev/pktcdvd
$ mkdir -p /mnt/pktcdvd/0
$ mount /dev/pktcdvd/0 /mnt/pktcdvd/0 -t udf -o
noauto,noatime,rw,users,sync,dirsync # (See kernel Bug 5893 for
sync,dirsync parameters)

When I get a freshly bought DVD-RW DL, I need to put a UDF file system
on it and then format it:

$ pktsetup 0 /dev/hdc # (or whatever the drive is on)
$ dvd+rw-format /dev/hdc # (This formats the disc to "Restricted
Overwrite" mode)
$ mkudffs /dev/pktcdvd/0

To do a backup, I would then just do the following:

$ tar -jcf /mnt/pktcdvd/0/backup.tar *

To verify (diff) the backup, I would to the following:

$ tar -jdf /mnt/pktcdvd/0/backup.tar

Some kernel versions can't do UDF files > 1GB.  So I would do something

$ tar -jcf - * | split -b 512m /mnt/pktcdvd/0

Would it be fine to do the above for an 8.5B DVD-RW DL?  Is there
*anything* else that I should be wary of when doing this (e.g. Kernel
versions, DVD-RW write life-time, etc...)?

What DVD drive specs should I aim to get that would allow me to do this
type of thing well?  Large buffer?


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