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Proper write mode for VCD

Several of the programs which make VCD or SVCD images for burning produce a ".iso" and a ".cue" file for cuefile burning.

Using either wodim or cdrecord requires use of SAO or RAW mode, with now obvious way to determine which should be used. In addition, at least one preparation program has the option to use 2336 byte sectors. This is noted in the cue file.


1 - which is the "correct" mode, -sao or -raw for burning vcd? Either will result in a complete burn, but the burning time is consistently different between modes by about 5%.

2 - if 2336 byte sectors are used, is the information in the cue file enough, or is "-mode2" also needed?

3 - is -mode2 even meaningful with -raw, since both specify a sector size in the man page?


The user information on the above questions is minimal, and reading the source is helpful only in knowing how it works. ie., there is ample information on *how* to pick options, but not *which* options to use. VCD is a standard (or at least common) format, so information in the man page would be helpful.

Pointers to more complete documentation on cuefiles and .inf files would be helpful, just because it *can* be located by search doesn't prevent including a bit more information, such as RFCs, titles of papers the software author found useful, etc.

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