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Re: cdrecord: problem in auto-formatting blank DVD+RW

Giulio Orsero <giulioo@gmail.com> wrote:

> >Cdrecord uses the official method to check for maiden DVD+RW media.
> I don't know what method cdrecord uses, what I'm saysing is that
> dvd+rw-mediainfo correctly detects when a DVD+RW is maiden, while cdrecord
> seems to fail to do it.

Cdrecord only fails on your drive....

It works correctly on all drives/media I did test for now.

> If I read you correctly you're saying that cdrecord uses the
> correct/official method and fails to detect a maiden dvd+rw due to medium/fw
> problems, while dvd+rw-mediainfo uses a non-standard method and succeeds. If
> this is the case I think cdrecord would benefit in using the
> "non-standard"/working method together with the official one, in order to
> work-around problematic firmwares.

OK, tell me how dvd+rw-mediainfo with your drive/media detects that the medium
is maiden?

> Is there a quick way to test if cdrecord thinks a dvd+rw is maiden or not,
> without issuing a format or write command? Ie, is there a command like
> "-atip" or similar which will prints out if the dvd+rw is maiden?

Please send a -v -atip output for a maiden medium that cdrecord does not
detect as maiden.

But please first upgrade cdrecord. There have been some enhancements
a few weeks before.


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