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Re: i/o error dvd+rw-tools

"Charles Mire" <charles.mire@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm perfectly comfortable dowloading and compiling from source.  Most of the
> time, that's what I do anyways.  However, since the version if cdrecord I
> have is specifically an unsupported one (I'm just a user stuck in the middle
> here), and SuSE uses /media/whatever and the supported versions of cdrecord
> require /dev/whatever (that's the gist of what I understood from the
> freshmeat.net postings -- I got bored reading the postings b/c of all the
> animousity....I just want to get dvd burning to work so I can burn some
> iso's and try some other distros that are more FOSS, etc.).  I am concerned
> that if I compile from source, etc. I could break what I have and be left
> with no cd or dvd burning functionality whatsoever.  I'm not one of the SuSE
> developers, so I have no idea what all they customized or what I should
> watch out for.

As long as Suse does not break the official interfaces, an unmodified cdrecord
will still work...

> I've tried using hdparm to view/adjust the settings on the drive (I used -c
> to up the mode to 32-bit...it was set at 16-bit...that seemed strange to
> me).  That didn't really affect the outcome -- still getting coasters.
> Are there any other options I could try?

Did you try cdrecord at all?


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