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Re: Looking for help with AIX5

#include <hallo.h>
* Joerg Schilling [Sun, Oct 29 2006, 07:26:58PM]:
> Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:
> > Yeah. Sure. Thanks for keeping quotes this time, so it is easy to see
> > who starts writing accusingly and who pulls down the discussion to
> > personal level.
> I guess this is your specific way of telling us that you finally got the 
> message and that cdrtools now compile and link on AIX5...

That is not what I said. Would you care to send me a patch against a18?

> My advise to you:

I haven't requested one. If you think it's time to make advises then
please listen to some of mine:

Having some advantage on a certain domain does not give you absolute
superiority on everything. Learn to live with this fact like many other
people do.

Different people make different decisions. Don't assume that your
decisions are better just because they are yours. Don't assume that
every decisions can be transfered to another case or another domain
with the same success. There is no reason for evaluating the quality of
"correctness" of other's decisions simply by comparing with yours.

People make decisions that can be found as inappropriate afterwards
(also called mistakes). If you detect a such case amoung your
decisions, have the courage to admit it and change the situation.

Don't embedd personal offense into technical discussions, there is no
place for that. This includes incorrect quoting, inappropriate
exagerations (optionaly combined with generalisation or bending the
meaning of other's words or actions) or pushing others into roles of
stupid schoolboys that need to be taught, devaluating their existing

Don't assume that everyone else is stupid enough to not detect such kind
of embedded insults.

Don't insist on having the last word. In a fair discussion the chances
to have the last word become lower with increasing number of
participiants. That's a simple application of stochastic theory.


<[ddeus_work]> welche moeglichkeiten gibt es eine festplate zu beschleunigen
	ausser DMA und 32bit zugeng einschalten ?
<[ddeus_work]> welche moeglichkeiten gibt es eine festplate zu beschleunigen
	ausser DMA und 32bit zugang einschalten ?
<noel> wir wantworten erst, wenn mandie Frage 5 mal stellt.

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