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Re: Looking for help with AIX5

Eduard Bloch <blade@master.debian.org> wrote:

> > Let me repeat:
> > 
> > In order to investigate on the claim that there is a problem with a missing 
> > isnan(), I need the output from the "configure" run _and_ I need the content 
> It is not missing. It is in libm which you don't link with. I told you
> that already. I pointed you even to our linker test to detect the issue.

Ist is not a problem being an inexperienced programmer like you are....

It is however a big problem if people like you are unwilling to listen to
more experienced people and waste bandwidth and other people's time.

I am not interested in hiding problems by introducing other problems like you 
constantly do. I am interested in correct solutions and for this reason I
need the output of the configure run and for the same reason, I need to be
able to look into most system include files. As you seem to have this 
information and don't forward it to me, you do not seem to be cooperative.


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