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Re: [Cdrecord-support] using cdrecord varirec and gigarec option together

Fabian Keil <fk@fabiankeil.de> wrote:

> Where do you see the improvement?
> Do you get better or worse results with varirec enabled, I don't?
> The only varirec effect I can measure is the speed limitation:
> http://www.fabiankeil.de/c1-scans-mit-cd-doctor/plextor-plexwriter-premium.html
> Don't tell anyone, but you can emulate varirec drive independend with
> speed=4, if you want "improvement" use speed=8.
> If varirec and manual die selection would increase the quality,
> it would mean that Plextor's OPC didn't work.

Varirec is manual OPC.

When it was not yet released, I did some tests and found that using varirec for 
audio CDs has an influence on the sound and in case that you have a home 
audio CD player that does not like certain  CDs, it may help you to make them 
better fit.


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