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Re: [Cdrecord-support] using cdrecord varirec and gigarec option together

Stefano Vesa <stefanovesa@tiscali.it> wrote:

> > > phthalocyanine B, phthalocyanine C, phthalocyanine D.
> >
> > Where is the related info on how to do this?
> I have not any info on how to do this, sorry... And I have not any programming 
> skill to try to implement these features...
> I have only noticed that my Plextor PX-716 and newer units (PX-755 and PX-760) 
> have such new varirec features that can managed with Plextools software under 
> Win.
> See e.g the PX-716 review on http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/170/2

Send thousands of mail to plextor Europe and Plextor Japan!

I cannot help if Plextor does not understand that they are destroying their own


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