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Re: [Cdrecord-support] using cdrecord varirec and gigarec option together

Stefano Vesa <stefanovesa@tiscali.it> wrote:

> In addition I want to inform that Plextor PX-716 has some improvement
> to the varirec that I hope in future it will be possible to see
> handled in cdrecord:  it supports varirec for CD-Rs also at 8x speed
> and varirec range spans to -4 to +4. Furthermore also the dye type of
> the inserted CD-R is selectable: choices are default, azo, cyanine,
> phthalocyanine A, phthalocyanine B, phthalocyanine C, phthalocyanine
> D.

Where do you see the improvement?

Do you get better or worse results with varirec enabled, I don't?

The only varirec effect I can measure is the speed limitation:

Don't tell anyone, but you can emulate varirec drive independend with
speed=4, if you want "improvement" use speed=8.

If varirec and manual die selection would increase the quality,
it would mean that Plextor's OPC didn't work.

Either way, varirec is a marketing joke.


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