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Re: mkisofs gives 'file too large for defined data type' error on 4.3GB file

Asfand Yar Qazi wrote:


How can I write a single file to a DVD+R(W)? I tried to use mkisofs's -stream-media-size 2291000 option (2291000 giving me just under the DVD's full capacity), but it would not work (after 500MB, it would stop reading standard input.) Buggy to say the least.

I think you want to reread the man pages. If you want to create an ISO image you don't need the option, and if you just want to write the file you don't want to use mkisofs at all. Your misunderstanding of what the software does is not a bug.

So, I thought - let's just make a 4.3 GB file. And when mkisofs tries to read it, I get the 'file too large for defined data type' message. Great.

Let's see, is 4.3 larger than 2? Did you read the doc on what you can do with iso9660 filesystems and the limits on individual files? Doesn't sound like it.

Can I just do a growisofs -Z /dev/dvdrw=/tmp/dvd-bak-1.tar or something? Then wouild a 'tar --multi-volume -t -f /dev/dvdrw' access the archive? I really need to do this backup soon, since I haven't done one since setting up my new Gentoo system.

That you can do, although getting tar to create one volume at a time may be interesting, and creating all at once will require a lot of disk. On the other hand, I have been unable to get growisofs to burn a stream from stdin lately, since I have a new o/s version, new distro, and new growisofs version I have put chasing that one on the list of things to do when I can't find a workaround.


Also, the mailing list won't let me subscribe to it. I've tried several different addresses through the http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/ page, and nothing happens.

So please CC me - the mailing list software seems to hate me for some reason.

Probably because your spam filter is killing the message which asks if you really want to join or something...

E. Robert Bogusta
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