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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> >Cdrecord is now 10 years old. It did have 3 privillege problems so far and all
> >have been fixed in less than a day.
> >
> >If Linux would offer similar stability as cdrecord and would be as trustworthy
> >as cdrecord, I could trust Linux.
> >
> >Please tell me why people trust in something like Linux but don't do for
> >stable software like cdrecord?
> The changes in Linux came because of a real security problem in the scsi 
> command set, and because exploits were starting to appear the fix needed 
> to be put in immediately. It wasn't done to piss you off! You brag that 
> three problems in ten years were fixed in about a day, but you are 
> offended that security bug in Linux was also fixed without delay. Why is 
> a quick fix a virtue when you do it and an evil when Linux does it?

It was done to hurt me....

The bugs in the Linux kernel have been bugs that are typically created 
by novice programmers.

If you find a bug that is caused by the fact that you did not check 
for write access in the FD, what would you do? Shoot your grandma?

Well the latter is what Linus did.......

Instead of fixing the BUG and nothing but the bug, Linus introduced a useless
and unmaintainable command filter. This filter never can be made correct
and many people immediately asked him for removing it but he did not.


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