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"mount :not a directory" dvd mount problems


  Im writting backups to dvd rw with the command line:

createfilelist.sh | cpio -o | mkisofs -stream-media-size <N> | growisofs -Z /dev/scd0=/dev/fd/0

If I use N = 333000, It burns the cd normaly so I can mount it on linux or read it from windows later. But, If I use bigger numbers, like 2295104 (the real sectors number of my 4.7GB media), it burns without error messages but when I try t omount it on linux:

  # mount /dev/scd0 /mnt/dvd/
  mount: not a directory

  Some hint?

  (growisofs 5.11, mkisofs 2.01, linux 2.4.20)

PS: Im fully sure that /mnt/dvd exists and can be mounted on. The trouble really just arises when N is 2295104.

  Thank you

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