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Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Jean-Christophe Michel wrote : >
> * my question was: any idea why a correctly burned dvd cannot be mounted ?

I read your message of yesterday, tried your commands,
and they worked fine for me. Shrug.

>From my own experience with several incident reports
about weirdly behaving DVD i would point to the
combination of DVD writer and DVD media.

For example i got a report about DVD+R media which
did mount and looked good - but it was impossible
to read them sequentially like:  cat </dev/dvd
The phenomenon persisted until the writer devices
(two Benq) were found to have heat problems and were
replaced (by NEC).
End of spook.

So - if you didn't try yet - you could replace :

- your writer program by cdrecord-ProDVD

- your kernel by one that is more conservative

- your media by another brand or technology
  i.e. DVD-RW, DVD+-R  (although i found DVD+RW
  to be the most reliable type)

- your writer device by another one from another

I live happily with a 2.4 kernel, ide-scsi, and a 
1 year old LG burner. May my hardware stay healthy
so i do not need to upgrade. 
(Holy Saint Florian, please save my house - burn others down.)

Have a nice day :)


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