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Re: Compiling dvd+rw-tools in Cygwin

erunquist@atico.com wrote:

> We would like to burn DVDs from Cygwin. Unfortunately, we can't build
> dvd+rw-tools in Cygwin. The file growisofs.c contains lots of
> platform-specific stuff, but no stuff for Windows/Cygwin. The
> platform-specific code block for Linux isn't terribly large, but it's
> quite low-level and depends on header files not available in Cygwin.
> Has anyone out there tried this?

Not yet, apparently.

> Is this an impossible task?

No. Win NT/2k/XP/2k3 have an interface to talk to SCSI devices. 
Implementing this for dvd+rw-tools shouldn't be that hard. A little 
more work would be necessary to support Win 95/98/ME, because they 
don't support the same API for SCSI devices. You'd need to use ASPI.

> Cdrtools compiles and runs in Cygwin, so it seems like DVD burning
> shouldn't be that big a step.

At some point, maintaining definitions for all platforms within 
growisofs.c will become deeply annoying. A generic SCSI abstraction 
layer would be a good idea. cdrecord(-ProDVD) has been using one for a 
long time. I think cdrecord's SCSI library is very good and free; you 
might want to go all the way and change growisofs to use it instead of 
adding just one more platform.

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