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Re: CDRecord proper dev specification w/2.6.x

On Mon 28 Feb 2005 00:21:43 NZDT +1300, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> > I never use it, because I either pretty much fill up a CD or use cdrw.
> > However a quick test shows that it works just fine:
> >
> > > cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd -tao -multi /tmp/test.iso
> > > cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd -msinfo
> > 0,27360
> I cannot see that you did multi session....

Then go and get yourself some glasses. Or read your own README.multi,
which is what I did after my first guess at options turned out to be

> BTW: if growisofs likes to implement things differently from
> cdrecord, it would be a good idea not to pick option names
> from cdrecord and implement different behavior for these
> options.

So far I have seen no indication that the option names of the command
line programs at my disposal are in any way synchronised. Ok GNU may be
making the start of an effort, but as cdrecord is about as different to
anything else as is possible, it's not exactly a good reference. Patents
on the names of command options, anyone?

> Cdrecord does support DVD since March 1998, that this is nearly
> twice as long as growisofs exists.

Last time I tried to burn a DVD with cdrecord, it just spat the dummy.
Haven't seen any indication of change since then (about 2 years ago).


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