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Re: growisofs fails with "Write error - recovery needed"

Andy Polyakov wrote:

-dvd-compat does not mean DAO, -use-the-force-luke=dao does.

Have tried it too now.
It fails during opc with 5/2C/00 which is "COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR".
If I comment out the opc stuff in the source it fails when starting to write with 3/72/01 "SESSION FIXATION ERROR WRITING LEAD-IN".

This is odd... If you perform multiple dummy recordings against same disc, does it fail on same LBA or does LBA vary?

It does vary with the same disk. That is why I feel like It's some kind of buffer underflow. And like I said 4x recordings die a lot faster.

growisofs engages buffer-underrun unconditionally, leaving *no* option for switching it off.

Is it possible that my drive sends some unusual error message that should be ignored or handled some way while recording? This recorder is rather new, the other recording tools don't even start recording with it - they don't know how to handle it. It seems to me that this is not an unrecoverable error, as the message says, so I feel like recording software modification might help.

It's most likely media problem. I'd insist on trying another media brand before you proceed. A.

These are Ritek 4x DVD-R disks (with ritek printing, not ridata or arita). One of my friends could use these successfully for many recordings, thats why I thought they should work. My friend has an LG 4081 writer. Also, the plextor media compatibility page said that there are supported Ritek 4x DVD-R disks, but I'm not sure that this is the type they tested.
I'll try some other DVD-Rs too, but currently I don't have any.

Since then I also tryed DVD+R disks and they work well, I also have rewriteable disks of both + and - kind and can use them too.

Thanks for your help.


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