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Re: I/O errors when writing DVD+R using growisofs

Hi Andy,

Andy Polyakov wrote:
- DVD+R disks
- dvd+rw-tools-

# growisofs -Z /dev/scd0=image.iso

When growisofs starts to run it spits out a few errors that are recorded in /var/log/messages & also takes about 10 seconds to recognize the size of the iso image so that it can give an estimate of how long the command will take to finish.

The /var/log/messages errors are:
kernel: I/0 Error: dev 0b:00, sector 64

In the beginning of every recording growisofs performs an overwrite check. As the media is blank, attempt to check resulted in I/O errors. Yes, it's meaningless to check blank media and this deficiency was addressed in 5.15 [which is why I wrote "result*ed* in I/O errors]. Either upgrade the toolchain or simply disregard the errors (as they don't affect recording, essentially they are simply warnings). A.

Thanks for the explanation. I had noticed that the data on the DVD+R disks was perfectly fine, but the errors had perplexed me.

Thanks again,

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