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Re: Can't format / blank dvd-rw

> Reading the dvd-rw page though
> (http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/-RW/) I thought I liked the
> sound of Restricted Overwrite mode so I ran the command
> dvd+rw-format /dev/hdc
> The format apparently went fine with no errors. However no when I try to
> write anything to the disk I get
> Executing 'mkisofs -r -J stuff.mp3 | builtin_dd of=/dev/hdc obs=32k seek=0'
> :-( track is formatted for fixed packet size

This reminds me very much case with SONY unit [equipped with earlier
firmware] and Princo media, which is indirectly mentioned on -RW page as
following: "... [poor media support by unit firmware manifests itself]
in bizarre ways... DVD-RW media might [reportedly] perform as write-once
or maybe twice or three times... [etc]."

> INQUIRY:                [PIONEER ][DVD-RW  DVR-106D][1.08]
>  Mounted Media:         14h, DVD-RW Sequential
                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ After dvd+rw-format you
should have observed "DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite" here. And the fact
that you've observed ":-( track is formatted for fixed packet size"
error message means that formatted procedure succeeded in some degree,
because "Restricted Overwrite" does *imply* fixed packet size. So media
appears to be screwed up in bizarre way....

>  Media ID:              ProdiscDVDRW

... therefore I would strongly recommed to try another media brand
before drawing final conclusions. There also it a possibility that it
was media defect on that particular disc. Did you try one or several
discs? A.

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