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growisofs + problem reading files from recorded dvd-r's

Hello everyone.
I have a problem while recording DVD-R's using growisofs. The recording 
usually finishes without any errors and everything seems to be OK, but when I 
try and access files on the DVD I get the following error on my syslog:
Feb 21 20:58:53 homer kernel: scsi0: ERROR on channel 0, id 0, lun 0, CDB: 
Request Sense 00 00 00 40 00
Feb 21 20:58:53 homer kernel: Info fld=0x22c0d6, Current sd0b:00: sense key 
Medium Error
Feb 21 20:58:53 homer kernel: Additional sense indicates Id CRC or ECC error
Feb 21 20:58:53 homer kernel:  I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 9110360
This doesn't happen for all the files on the DVD, but usually on just one 
file. The rest of the files seem to be just fine.
The media that I've been using is Memorex 4x DVD-R's, but I the same happens 
while using other media. I usually record on 2x speed, but the same happens 
when recording on 1x speed as well.
The DVD recorder is a:
        0,0,0     0) 'MATSHITA' 'DVD-RAM UJ-811  ' 'H101' Removable CD-ROM
and growisofs is:
* growisofs by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 5.16
but the same happens with the 5.17 version.
Currently I am using kernel 2.4.25, and this happens with all 2.4.x kernels, 
but I think that everything is OK using 2.6.x and ide-cd instead of ide-scsi, 
but unfortunately I cannot switch to 2.6.x due to a usb+ppp_async bug.
Any ideas on what might be going bad and/or how I might be able to work around 
this problem.
Thanks very much,

/* These are the most dangerous and useful defines. They do printk() during
 * the interrupt processing routine(s), so if you manage to get "flooded" by
 * irq's, start thinking about the "Power off/on" button...
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/drivers/sbus/char/aurora.h

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