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Re: dvd+rw-tools- / BTC - sequence error

> > > in the company I've the same BTC drive and there I've the
> > > following error:
> > >
> > > rasca@fox:/vol/data/dvd> growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0=myDVD.udf
> > > Executing 'builtin_dd if=myDVD.udf of=/dev/scd0 obs=32k seek=0'
> > > /dev/scd0: "Current Write Speed" is 4.0x1385KBps.
> > > :-! "COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR(52c00)" at 0h. Is media being read?
> >
> > It means every word of it. See first paragraph in Tutorial on
> > dvd+rw-tools page. A.
> I read this tutorial before I wrote the email.

Don't take things said in public personally. It's common mistake and I
will use every opportunity to point it out:-)

> But the device
> wasn't mounted and I didn't try to access the auto-mount-point.

But some other program [such as GUI file system navigator perphaps]
could keep doing it for you. I mean you've never mentioned any
background infomation such as what distribution and what graphical
desktop you run [if any], so we can keep blaiming pretty much

> As long as I understand the "autofs" daemon, the device is used
> when the device is mounted or I try to access the mount-point.

Keep in mind that autofs daemon is not the only culprit. There're
magicdev, supermount, who knows what else... If anybody can provide
additional clues, I'll only be grateful:-)

> But I had better results, when I recompiled the kernel (2.4.23)
> with DMA on for CDROM. I didn't change the autofs setup and
> a DVD+R was burned fine and plays also as expected.

This is odd. I find it hard to believe that it had something [if
anything] to do with DMA settings...

> But now when I try to burn a DVD-R (Verbatim media) it burns
> and at the end I see the following:

What does "now" mean exactly? Is it like it worked before kernel upgrade
or is it first time you try DVD-R?

> [..]
> 1513848832/1529421824 (99.0%) @2.0x, remaining 0:05
> 1523122176/1529421824 (99.6%) @2.0x, remaining 0:02
> /dev/scd0: flushing cache
> /dev/scd0: updating RMA
> :-( unable to CLOSE TRACK (2h/30h/05h): No medium found

Any error code with 30 in the middle indicates some kind of media
incompatibility and low level formatting issues. 2/30/5 in particular
observed in the beginning of recording... What does it mean at the end
of recording one can only guess...

> /dev/scd0: closing disc
> :-( unable to CLOSE DISC (2h/30h/05h): No medium found

What's dvd+rw-mediainfo output for resulting recording? A.

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