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Re: tar, backup, growisofs, file names

* Andy Polyakov (appro@fy.chalmers.se) [031208 21:06]:
> > > > > > how can i have  * reading from stdin (from tar/bzip)
> > > > > >                 * named backup files and a filesystem
> > > > > >                 * no writing to hardisc first (i dont want
> > > > > >                   to rely on 4.4G beeing free.)
> > 
> > now i dropped the last point and create a temporal file on the
> > harddisk first. here is my script:
> > ...
> > /bin/tar $TAR_OPTS
> > bzip2 --best $BKFILE
> > BKFILE="$BKFILE.bz2"
> > growisofs $MODE /dev/dvd -J -R $BKFILE
> Keep in mind for example
> http://www.mail-archive.com/cdwrite@other.debian.org/thrd4.html#04255.
> For media interoperability [under Linux], make sure files are smaller
> that 2GB-1.

So you dont refere to the old 2gig limit but some
interoperability thing?

some data:

growisofs --version
* growisofs by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 5.13,
  front-ending to mkisofs: mkisofs 2.01a17 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

l -h /tmp/backup.Ypg3e2/
total 2.2G
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         2.1G Dec 12 22:17 lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2
root@lukas:~# growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -d -J -R /tmp/backup.Ypg3e2/lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2
WARNING: /dev/dvd already carries isofs!
About to execute 'mkisofs -d -J -R /tmp/backup.Ypg3e2/lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2 | builtin_dd of=/dev/dvd obs=32k seek=0'
Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
INFO:   ISO-8859-15 character encoding detected by locale settings.
                 encoded filenames on source filesystem,
        use -input-charset to override.

And i get this as a result after writing:

l -h /cdrom
total 4.7M
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         4.7M Dec 12 22:17 lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2

with exact numbers: 
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root      4845822 Dec 12 22:17 /cdrom/lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root     2252992766 Dec 12 22:17 /tmp/backup.Ypg3e2/lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2

uname -a
Linux lukas 2.6.0-test8-ruby-lukas #1 Sat Nov 1 21:11:28 CET 2003 i686 GNU/Linux

dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/dvd
INQUIRY:                [_NEC    ][DVD_RW ND-1300A ][1.06]
 Mounted Media:         1Ah, DVD+RW
 Media Book Type:       92h, DVD+RW book [revision 2]
 Legacy lead-out at:    2295104*2KB=4700372992
 Disc status:           complete
 Number of Sessions:    1
 State of Last Session: complete
 Number of Tracks:      1
 BG Format Status:      suspended
 Track State:           complete
 Track Start Address:   0*2KB
 Free Blocks:           0*2KB
 Track Size:            2295104*2KB
 Track#1  :             14@0
 Track#AA :             14@2295104
 Multi-session Info:    #1@0

i also tried to split up my resulting file on the fly:
growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -debug -R -J -split-output -o lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2 /tmp/backup.Ypg3e2/lukas-2003-12-12-full.tar.bz2
growisofs: -o[output] option is not permitted.

> Take for habit to include *exact* output generated by the program 

i do if i belive it is a bug in the program or in a specific version. 
if i think the problem could be general understanding, i try to keep 
the questions and mails short and fast to read and write.

now i read some more on the topic, and it seems to be some random
implementation problem in the linux isofs support.

well, i dont care for isofs so much, allmost any filesystem would
do that can be written by just this box and read by as many dvd
drives in as many linux boxes with a debian distribution

But i am interested in a simple, robust backup solution which
utilizes the media properly (compression!). 

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