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Re: tar, backup, growisofs, file names

* Andy Polyakov (appro@fy.chalmers.se) [031205 19:05]:
> > /bin/tar cf -   --files-from $INCLUDEFILE \
> >                 --exclude-from $EXCLUDEFILE \
> >                 --absolute-names \
> >         | bzip2 --best --stdout \
> >         | growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=/dev/fd/0
> > 
> > like this, growisofs writes to the raw medium, without a fs (i
> > think). that is half ok for full backups, but i wanted to do
> > incremental backups, too, to the same dvd.
> > 
> > how can i have  * reading from stdin (from tar/bzip)
> >                 * named backup files and a filesystem
> >                 * no writing to hardisc first (i dont want
> >                   to rely on 4.4G beeing free.)
> You can't achieve all this at once with growisofs. What you look for is
> live read-write file system on DVD+RW, which requires kernel support.

Does it? i just want to have a filesystem (growisofs can do that)
and in that filesystem i want to write to one continuos file
(of which i dont know the size untill i am done (would it be that
bit requireing write access?)).

> Unfortunately not all DVD+capable units are capable to sustain true
> random I/O, see
> http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2003/cdwrite-200309/msg00015.html and
> follow-ups. There was work done to compensate for deficient firmwares,
> see http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2003/cdwrite-200309/msg00061.html.
> But public consensus seem to be it's too slow to be practical. A.

i guess i can give up the "filesystem and filenames" bit, if i
figure out how to access the later incremental backups. 
would that work with growisofs just as with a sequential streamer device?

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