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Re: trouble with DVD+R

> > I took a look at my copy of "Sphere" on both DVD drives and am somewhat
> > confused.  On both drives I get the IO errors when I cat the files to null,
> > yet both systems seem to be able to play the movie using ogle.
> Make sure you're mounting the DVD as a UDF file system, and not as an
> ISO 9660 file system.  Mounting a UDF file system as ISO 9660 gives
> strange results (rather than a complete failure, which would have been
> more useful).

It shouldn't matter how you mount UDF/ISO bridge volume. "Strange
results if mounted as ISO, but not as UDF" indicate malformed logical
format of that particular media. It's not some universal rule.

>  I think I've seen that specific symptom before, but I
> might be mis-remembering.

There is an universal rule, but it has nothing to do with file system.
You can count on I/O errors when accessing .VOB files on content
protected DVD-Video, unless you authenticate yourself with a player key.

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