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Re: DVD-RW blanks fine but burning yields 'media unsupported'. Is it possible?

> > - try to growisofs -dvd-compat -dvd-compat, i.e.
> > pass two -dvd-compat
> > options, to manually engage DVD-RW DAO;
> It worked gracefully this way! Thanks a lot!

I want to point out that growisofs not only attempts to figure out when
DVD-RW DAO has to be engaged, but even attempts to tell if double
-dvd-compat option has to be used if it fails to figure out the former.
What I'm trying to say is that most users won't see ":-[ media is not
formatted or unsupported ]" in similar situation, but ":-[ attempt
-blank=full or re-run with -dvd-compat -dvd-compat to engage DAO ]." The
fact that you got "unsupported media" means that your firmware deviates
from majority of other implementations (or simply buggy) and you have to
*keep it in mind* for the next time you re-use DVD-RW for sequential

> I wanna really *know* things, how they *really* work,
> even physically. All the format specifications,
> recording modes, the physics behing the different
> media, even file systems format (iso, the udf
> structure).
> Could you please point me some sites where I can get
> some information like these?
> If I overlooked some of them in your page, sorry!

I'm sorry too, but I can hardly add anything to what stands on
dvd+rw-tools page. Well, I'm not saying that it's absolutely perfect,
I'm just saying I don't have time to guide you or anybody else through
whatever it takes to re-implement a DVD recording software from scratch.
In other words you're pretty much on your own:-) There is source code,
there're links to SCSI/ATAPI specifications on my page,
www.dvdplusrw.org has semi-technical pointers, for file system layouts
and DVD-ROM physical format information go to
www.ecma-international.org, etc. If you want to dicuss them
(specifications and formats) on this forum, feel free to bring it up,
but you shouldn't count on having every single question answered... A.

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