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Re: DVD-RW blanks fine but burning yields 'media unsupported'. Is it possible?

Hi there!

> - try to growisofs -dvd-compat -dvd-compat, i.e.
> pass two -dvd-compat
> options, to manually engage DVD-RW DAO;

It worked gracefully this way! Thanks a lot!

I'm so curious now.
I wanna really *know* things, how they *really* work,
even physically. All the format specifications,
recording modes, the physics behing the different
media, even file systems format (iso, the udf
Could you please point me some sites where I can get
some information like these?
If I overlooked some of them in your page, sorry!

Congratulations! I really couldn't write a single byte
with this burner of mine with any other piece of
I e-mailed LG and got no response.
Your software is small, simple and efficient.
And your page is very informative as well.

Best regards,
-- djaba

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