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Re: DVD+R(W) writing speed with dvd+rw-tools

> Can someone help me with this ?
> Writing a DVD+RW takes less than 30 minutes but writing a DVD+R takes 55 minutes ?
> This happened sistematically with more than 20 DVD+R(W).
> Aparently DVD+RW are being recorded at 2.4x and DVD+R only at 1.2x.
> Specifications:
> - Linux kernel 2.4.18
> - HP 200i firmware 1.51

The only possible explanation for this phenomena I can think of is that
unit remains under some auto-play/mount facility control. If this is the
case, then the performance drops because the unit is periodically polled
by opening corresponding /dev/dvd, which results in query for table of
contents (this is the way Linux kernel is). One can wonder how come
DVD+R is affected, but not DVD+RW. Well, DVD+RW TOC is not changed
during recording, while DVD+R TOC is. Query for DVD+R TOC most likely
results in buffer purge, which limits the performance. A.


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