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DVD+R(W) writing speed with dvd+rw-tools

Can someone help me with this ?
Writing a DVD+RW takes less than 30 minutes but writing a DVD+R takes 55 minutes ?
This happened sistematically with more than 20 DVD+R(W).
Aparently DVD+RW are being recorded at 2.4x and DVD+R only at 1.2x.


- P IV 2.66 GHz with 2 Gb ram
- Linux kernel 2.4.18
- HP 200i firmware 1.51 identifying media as booktype DVD-ROM
- dvd+rw-tools version
- DVD+RW media from HP 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01), Sentinel 2.4x.
- DVD+R media from HP 2.4x, Infiniti 2.4x, PrimeDisc 2.4x (all are identified as RICOHJPNR00)
  and SwissTec 2.4x (SKYMEDIAR01).

	Best regards,
	Hugo Meinedo

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