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How to get burner speed info

Is there some way to get the speed capabilities of a drive? I've tried options like -atip, -prcap, and -checkdrive, and there doesn't seem to be a list of supported speeds available for human use. Since various media will result in a burn at some small number of speeds ignoring the speed=NN option, I know cdrecord can identify a supported speed, but short of trying burns with progressively crappier media, I don't see how to get that information out to the human. Of course it may just be returned when cdrecord tries to set the speed, setting speed=24 on one drive results in "starting to burn" speeds of 24, 20, or 16x. That's the speed reporting at OPC time, the actual speed is similar, but that's not what I'm referencing.

E. Robert Bogusta
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