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Re: growisofs & cron: dirty workaround

> growisofs -Z /dev/scd0 -r -J <burndir> < /dev/null
> growisofs does not write any data to disk, but replys:
> FATAL: /dev/sdc0 already carries isofs.
> Same message as if it is started by cron...

Yes, I already argued with Andy that this is a bad design decision. He
thinks that software should be fun to use, and therefore you should
read the source to make it work. I disagree, but hey, it's he who's
putting the work in.

growisofs gives a few seconds warning if you are about to overwrite an
already existing iso9660 filesystem (no warning if you're overwriting
any other filesystem - low marks for consistency, sorry, "but it is
called grow*iso*fs"). When not reading from terminal it seems to decide
to quit instead.

There's a back door to tell it to shut up: -use-the-force-luke=force

Sorry but Easter eggs are only fun when they aren't essential options
the lack of which prevents people from getting work done.


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