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Re: Script problem with growisofs

Klaas-Henning Mueller wrote:

There's a script-problem with growisofs which makes it nearly impossible to use for automated backup purposes:

if you invoke growisofs at commandline or from an script directly with "-Z" option, all ist fine, it works great. But if you invoke it from "cron" directly or in a script, the "-Z" option causes growisofs to exit without anything beeing written to DVD
+RW nor erasing it.
If you invoke growisofs in the same way with "-M", all runs fine, but the media is not erased before writing.

I guess it's a tty problem ...
Is there a solution for that?
I suggest you read and understand the difference between the 'at' command and just sticking things in crontab. Read the section of starting directory and exvironment!

E. Robert Bogusta
 It seemed like a good idea at the time

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