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Re: Script problem with growisofs

> if you invoke growisofs at commandline or from an script directly with 
> "-Z" option, all ist fine, it works great.
> But if you invoke it from "cron" directly or in a script, the "-Z" 
> option causes growisofs to exit without anything beeing written to DVD

It's not likely to have anything to do with growisofs, more likely with
the environment being different for programs when started from cron.

Commands are run by cron within the environment provided by cron, not
within your shell environment (good thing too). To see what your cron
environment is, Use this in a crontab:

* * * * * /usr/bin/env | /usr/bin/sort >/tmp/env

For testing of environments I made the script envreload, it runs
programs with the environment given, like

  envreload /tmp/env growisofs ...

If you think it might help you, it's in the scriptutils package on my


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