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Re: Proposal for V 2.0


we would like to mention that we find the idea of dumping Athena and
Motif rather problematic. We are using V for several applications for
driving lenses in electron microscopes. The software runs on several
platforms like NT, Linux (Caldera) and HP-UX. From one of your earliest
manuals I remember that the philosophy of V should be to use the native
toolkit, which is present on the machines to give the applications a
view, which fits into the general environment of the machine.

This is obvoiusly true for the Windows systems. It also was true for the
Athena Widgets, because some sort of Athena is present on any Unix-like
system. It was to some extent true also for Motif, because it is present
on almost any Unix system and some sort of motif/lesstif also is present
on most Linux installations.

This situation changes now with GNOME/Gtk. I would assume you can´t find
it on Unix and probably less than 50% of the Linux installations will
have it. We are not very happy with the necessity to ship a GUI toolkit
with every program, which we distribute. We would therefore like to
encourage you to continue with the Motif-version. Of course Athena would
be ideal, if it wouldn´t look so horrible in its 3D-version with V.

Best regards,
Joachim Zach
Dr. Joachim Zach	Englerstr. 28		Tel: +49 6221 400133
CEOS GmbH		D-69126 Heidelberg	Fax: +49 6221 451449

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