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Re: Proposal for V 2.0

Bruce Wampler wrote:


I've finished by OO book! Now I want to spend some time upgrading
V, probably to the point of calling it 2.0. I have a few specific things
I know I want to and can add, and would like comments about possible
other things.

Hooray for Bruce! Is good to hear that V is still alive! :)

I have been considering moving my project to another toolkit to get better features and a better appearence.

I like V, it is simple but needs a few things. If V improves just a little, I think I can stick with it.

1. FIRST, get the Gnome/gtk version working completely, and switch
to it as the primary X (Linux, BSD, Solaris) GUI tool kit. I will probably
    completely abandon Athena, and may abandon Motif. This will be
released, but not as 2.0.

This is for sure one of the things that would keep me with V. Motif is fast, and almost free now, but it is not everywhere like it once was (Athena (Xaw) is fast,free, and everywhere, but is butt-ugly and has behavior problems).

Gtk is fast enough, free, and looks great. Best of all, a user is likely to already have it on their system.

* Please don't forget the GL pane in GtkV. :)

Two other things I wish for are:

* To be able to do is to be able to the change the icon on a button. It is very ugly to have to make and manange bunches of hidden buttons to simulate this behavior..

* To be able to use drawing and GL canvas on dialogs.

Your other ideas all sound sweet to me! Especially splitting command windows.



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