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nested vCmdWindows

Hi All,

First of all thanks Bruce for the time and effort you have put into V.
Previous efforts to learn gui progamming using other tools have resulted in
a headache and much frustration (note that I'm not the sharpest tool in the
shed :).

At the moment I have an application which needs to display different command
panes, canvas panes and dialogs depending on which menu items are chosen.
For example Menu1 will display Button1a, Button1b and Button1c which
displays "stuff" in Canvas1 and/or Dialog1. Choosing Menu2 will display
Button2a, b and c and Canvas2/Dialog2. Make sense? I think the easiest way
to achieve this would be if I can nest vCmdWindows. I have been able to do
this but the nested vCmdWindows are modal and won't allow any interaction
with the main menu bar until it has been closed. Anybody have any ideas?

Even if you can't help me thanks for reading this far.


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