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Re: nested vCmdWindows

A toolbar is a type of dialog. You can use the C_ToggleFrame control to contain sets of buttons that occupy the same screen real estate. As you select different menu items, programmatically toggle on the corresponding C_ToggleFrame with its buttons, hiding the previously displayed C_ToggleFrame.

...Tom Hilinski

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Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 8:28 PM
Subject: nested vCmdWindows

| Hi All,
| First of all thanks Bruce for the time and effort you have put into V.
| Previous efforts to learn gui progamming using other tools have resulted in
| a headache and much frustration (note that I'm not the sharpest tool in the
| shed :).
| At the moment I have an application which needs to display different command
| panes, canvas panes and dialogs depending on which menu items are chosen.
| For example Menu1 will display Button1a, Button1b and Button1c which
| displays "stuff" in Canvas1 and/or Dialog1. Choosing Menu2 will display
| Button2a, b and c and Canvas2/Dialog2. Make sense? I think the easiest way
| to achieve this would be if I can nest vCmdWindows. I have been able to do
| this but the nested vCmdWindows are modal and won't allow any interaction
| with the main menu bar until it has been closed. Anybody have any ideas?
| Even if you can't help me thanks for reading this far.
| Col
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