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Re: problem with Visual C++

Michel Vereecken wrote:
> Hi, my name's Laurent Vereecken (Belgium - Europe).
> I've got a big problem, I'm using V for making a cross-platform application
> for my last year in study work.
> I read carefully your comments for using V with Visual C++ 6.0 and did all
> what you told for the project settings. I've still a problem. First, I tried
> to build the tutor application and it didn't work, cause : trouble with the
> libcd.lib when linking and I got the same problem when linking my own
> application. I really need your help if you can ... tell me all what you
> know about cooperative between V and Visual C++, thank you.

1. Be sure you've downloaded and installed the V GUI library that is pre-built
   for VC++. Install it in the same directory as VC++, which is 
   c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Sudio\vc98 on my installation.

2. Create a new workspace which will be an empty WIN32 Application from
   the File->New menu. Give it an appropriate name. This will create an
   empty project - you add your own files later.

3. Add your source files. (I do it by right clicking the "Source Files" entry
   under the "ProjectName files" entry of the "FileView" tab of the Workspace
   window. There might be other ways to add files to a workspace.)
   This will be the V application you've created.

4. Add the following two libraries to the workspace under the "Resource Files"
   entry in the files tree of the Workspace window:  vgui.lib and comctl32.lib.
   You will have to go to the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Sudio\vc98\lib 
   directory to find these libraries.

5. You are ready to compile your project, assuming you aren't using other
   libraries. I don't have to set any other options to get VC++ 6 to compile
   my V programs when I use the steps outlined. I sometimes get a warning
   "Warning LNK4098: defaultlib "LIBC" conflicts with use of other libs;
    use /NODEFAULTLIB:library".  I don't exactly understand that warning, but
    the compiled project seems to run, or you can add the /NODEFAULTLIB switch
    as suggested.


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

e-mail: mailto:bruce@objectcentral.com
web:    http://www.objectcentral.com

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