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Using makefile in VIDE


I downloaded V a while ago and have been making some simple programs with 
it. I think it's a nice gui library, clean and compact (which was the main 
reason for choosing it over, say, wxWindows), and I certainly hope to be 
able to keep using it once I move on to bigger projects. I didn't use Vide 
however, which I now tried when I read  about the new version 1.06 on the V 
and Mingw mailing lists.

I tried to make a small project and I also loaded the V library Makefile, 
but both refuse to compile:

> g++ -c -ID:/Develop/VLib/includew -O2 -o D:/Develop/VLib/obj/vstartup.o 
  ! cpp.exe: C:\TEMP\cccbaaaa.ii: Bad file descriptor
Make failed. Right click error line to open file._______________

The Makefile works perfectly with Mingw when using a command prompt, but 
gives the error message above when used through Vide. Same with my own 
projects. Is this a bug in Vide or something in my setup? The error is 
always the same type: a "bad file descriptor", related to my temp 
directory. I'm running Windows NT4, SP4.

Patrick Hubers

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