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Trying to get scrolling of a TextCanvasPane to work

Hello all,

I'm new to V d have just got to the stage of building on a generated
I've managed to output the results of an Oracle database query to a
TextCanvasPane but for the life of me can't get scrolling right. I can get
the pane to scroll but anything that scrolls out of view won't come back!

I realise that I need to override the default VScroll method and have been
trying ...

  void myTextCanvasPane::VScroll(int step)

but to no avail. Some code examples use Clear() and Redraw(0,0,0,0) but that
just blows it all away!

Any help would be much appreciated, including pointers to documentation
other than the standard V Reference. It's the gap between the tutorial and
the class reference that I'm struggling with and trying to work it out from
V source code is baffling me

Thanks in anticipation

Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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