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V 1.23 and LessTif (and Motif fix)

The recently release V 1.23 (and I suppose earlier versions as well)
will not work with LessTiff 0.89. It works just fine with 0.88, but
the LessTif guys seriously broke something in 0.89.

I also have a change that will make 1.23 compatible with true Motif.
It is a one line change that will make most apps work (vertical
progress bars will still be broken, but I have that fixed, too).

To fix, in vcmdpane.cxx, change line 168 in vCommandPane::initialize

   from:    XmNresizeHeight,1,		// bug in LessTif - can't do both

   to:      XmNresizeHeight,1,		// bug in pre-0.88 LessTif - can't do
	    XmNresizeWidth,1,           // needed for Motif, works in 0.88

This was a workaround for LessTif that broke Motif. If you need a
progress bar, I can send that code.

I found that V 1.23 will work with MetroWorks Linux Motif 1.2 with that
simple change. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with other
Motif 1.2 implementations.


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

e-mail: mailto:bruce@objectcentral.com
web:    http://www.objectcentral.com

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