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Re: Re: Having troubles with a not so easy to use gui-V

> ...
> >     Right now I'm working with version 1.21, and it works fine on
> > Solaris, except minor troubles that I think are bugs (I can't select
> > menus when the "Bloq. num." key is selected, and sometimes the menu bar
> > disappears when I try to use at the same time I use the Netscape).
> What is "Bloq. num." key? I'm afraid I'm limited to English versions
> of most of the software, and don't know what non-U.S. keyboards might
> do. I'd be happy to add fixes, but I just don't have the resources
> to even test out this issue.

    Excuse me, I was so worried writing the e-mail in English I didn't realize.
Well the "Bloq. Num." must be something like "Num. Block." in English. I's a key
located right of the keyboard, and it activates the use of the ¿Numpad? (I'm sorry
I don't know its name in English), those keys with the numbers which work as
cursors, Home key, End key... if the "Block. Num." key is not activated (keyboards
normally have 3 LED's at the top right, and one of them is for the "Num. Block."

 I hope I explained it good enough.

> Try the Athena version. It works on all platforms.

OK, that is just what I'm doing

> >     It took me several days to find out the "Bloq. Num." solution, so if
> > anyone had the same problem I would really thank your help or
> > suggestions.

    Well, once more, if anyone had the same problem with the non selectable menus
under Linux and found a solution I'd be really thankful if he shares the solution
with me.

> I try my best to make V easy to USE and PROGRAM. I have devoted less
> time to the installation side, and given my limited resources of
> time and equipment, I've not done too badly.

    Well, I must apologize. I wasn't complaining about v. It was just a joke I
made cause it was supposed to be fully portable between different OS's and pretty
easy to program. I guess all that is true, but unfortunately I was unable to
install it in Windows 98, I had trouble with Linux and couldn't install the
Lesstif libraries here at the Sun station to use the Motiff version of version
1.22. But obviously other people were able to do all that, so It must be my fault
cause I am not very used to work with GNU software.

Thanks once more anyway

Jacobo Gallango Escolano

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