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Re: Having troubles with a not so easy to use gui-V

Jacobo Gallango Escolano wrote:
>     Hi everybody, I have several problems installing and using V and I
> thought you may help me with that.
>     Right now I'm working with version 1.21, and it works fine on
> Solaris, except minor troubles that I think are bugs (I can't select
> menus when the "Bloq. num." key is selected, and sometimes the menu bar
> disappears when I try to use at the same time I use the Netscape).

What is "Bloq. num." key? I'm afraid I'm limited to English versions
of most of the software, and don't know what non-U.S. keyboards might
do. I'd be happy to add fixes, but I just don't have the resources
to even test out this issue.
>     Well these bugs are quite annoying and I couldn't use v1.21 at home
> (I use there Linux Red Hat 6.0), so I tried to install the "new" version
> at both home and the university. I finally gave up trying to install it
> at the university cause I had several conflicts with the Motif. I tried
> to install Lesstif-0.89.4 but even I tried it for two days it didn't
> work.

I also don't have access to real Motif, and I know that V is NOT
with Motif, even in 1.22. It does work well with LessTif, however.
What this means is that V exposes differences between LessTif and Motif.
Believe it or not, even the LessTif guys don't have access to Motif!

Try the Athena version. It works on all platforms.

>     The installation under Linux wasn't so annoying, and It seems to
> work, but I have the same problem I had before with v1.21 and the Bloq.
> Num., except that now it's not the "Bloq. Num." key. Actually I have no
> way to select any choice at the menu bar ( I can select a File, Edit
> menu but not any of its different choices like Cut, Copy...).
>     It took me several days to find out the "Bloq. Num." solution, so if
> anyone had the same problem I would really thank your help or
> suggestions.

I try my best to make V easy to USE and PROGRAM. I have devoted less
time to the installation side, and given my limited resources of
time and equipment, I've not done too badly.
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