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RE: GNU license questions

Hi Martin,

I believe that V is released under the Gnu Library General Public License.
This license differs slightly from the GPL in that you can use it in
commercial products.  However, you must provide a means for the end-user to
be able to modify the library itself and still use it with the product.  If
the library is implemented as a shared library under *nix or as a dll under
Windows, then this requirement is satisfied, as the user can recompile the
shared library or dll and use the changed version with your product.  If you
choose to statically link the program with the library, then you've got to
provide at least the object code so that the end-user can modify the library
and re-link.

There are a few other minor requirements, but the major one is that users
must be able to modify the library if they wish, and to use the modified
version with your program.

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> From: 	Martin Waller[SMTP:polytope_@hotmail.com]
> Sent: 	30 června 1999 10:23
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> Subject: 	GNU license questions
> Hello,
> I'm about to start writing a program, but I work for a (non-computer 
> related) company.
> I'd like to use V for the interface so I can run it both under Windows
> here 
> at work and under Linux w/X.
> My company would not like the source code (of the model engine, at any
> rate) 
> released at all, but may wish to give people (interested parties - there 
> won't be many if any...) the exceutable.
> Does this mean I am unable to use V due to the gnu license or have I not 
> understood the gnu license or does it not strictly apply to V?
> Suddenly changing subject, with respect to the lesstif issue and V, my
> only 
> comment is that some beginner programmers under Linux may be put off if
> they 
> also have to find out a) what lesstif is, b) where to get it and c)
> install 
> it.  It's a perhaps very minor issue - personally I have no problem with
> it 
> being linked with lesstif.
> Thnaks for V,
> Martin
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