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Re: One more crash for v-1.22beta2, Athena version

> On the same platform, compiling everything for Athena, I get a segmentation
> fault if I open vtutappx and select "Dialog" from the "Test" menu.
> The result of running the application under the debugger and typing "where"
> after the crash is in the attachement.
> Hope these reports are welcome,
> peter
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> Subject: Crash vor v-1.22beta2
> Date:    6/29/99 1:45 PM
>      On Digital Unix 4.0c, Vendor Motif, problems with the dialog boxes
>      come up.
>      e.g.: after starting tutapp, selecting the "Dialog" button and the
>      "Change Me A" Button, the application dies with:
>      "Error: DialogShell widget only supports one rectObj child"
>      With vide and other applications the same happens.
>      On Win95 I did not find any problem.
>      peter
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>                Encoding: 7bit

Thanks - I just found this one myself a few hours ago. There is some
LessTif specific code that didn't get #ifdefed out for the Athena
version in the dialogs.

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