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GNU license questions


I'm about to start writing a program, but I work for a (non-computer related) company.

I'd like to use V for the interface so I can run it both under Windows here at work and under Linux w/X.

My company would not like the source code (of the model engine, at any rate) released at all, but may wish to give people (interested parties - there won't be many if any...) the exceutable.

Does this mean I am unable to use V due to the gnu license or have I not understood the gnu license or does it not strictly apply to V?

Suddenly changing subject, with respect to the lesstif issue and V, my only comment is that some beginner programmers under Linux may be put off if they also have to find out a) what lesstif is, b) where to get it and c) install it. It's a perhaps very minor issue - personally I have no problem with it being linked with lesstif.

Thnaks for V,


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