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Re: Send Message from Dialog to CmdWindow

Matthias Klingel wrote:
> Hello, V world
> could anyone help me with following problem? After some action in a
> modeless dialog has been proceeded (e.g. a combo box was activated), I
> want the hosting CmdWindow to respond with another action (e.g. display
> some explanation text in the status pane). Therefore, the CmdWindow must
> receive some kind of signal by the Dialog, but I don't know how to do
> this. Nor do I know in which routine of CmdWindow to catch this signal.
> Has anybody experience herein?
> Thanks for any response
> Matthias Klingel
You can do this. Look at the V icon editor. The select color is
a modeless dialog (comes up with the paint palette button.) It interacts
with the command window whenever you press the "Apply: Foreground" or
"Apply: Background" buttons. These buttons could close the dialog, too.

Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

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