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Re: gnu mingw32/cygwin compiler, Cygwin-B20

David's Lightspeed Email wrote:
>                                     February 26th, 1999
> Now that I've got the V libraries installed, I'm trying to get OpenGL or
> Mesa up and running.  I read in the V user guide that :

> and I'm not sure whether I should worry about the "gnu mingw32/cygwin",
> because I have no idea what the "mingw32" is refferring to.  I'm using
> Cygwin32 on Windows95, and I obtained the OpenGL libraries from SGI directly
> for free.  Is this going to work or not?  Any success or failure stories?
> Thanx for the help.
>                                      David L. Painter

I don't know much about OpenGL with Cygwin. The mingw32 is a version of
Cygwin that is "Windows Only" - all the stuff needed to handle the Unix
type stuff (found in the cygwin32.dll) is removed from the development

At any rate, using OpenGL with Cygwin would be the same with or without
V, so the Cygwin mail list is the place to ask this question. No doubt
the answer can already be found in the archives. To use the OpenGL
library, which will be a .DLL, you need an "import library". This is
an interface between your code and the .DLL, and is usually compiler
specific to handle calling conventions, etc. Thus, there should be
an appropriate import lib for OpenGL included with Cygwin, but I just
don't know the answer myself.

If you find the answer to this, I will include it in the FAQ if you
pass it along.


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

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